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Rarely do I write about politics – that’s not what this space is for.  But I feel compelled to write and – ask for feedback  – on last Thursday night’s Daily Show.  Jon Stewart is pretty much my idol.  He’s one of those “who would you invite to dinner if you could” guys.  Even when he gets totally over-the-top angry (as he certainly did in the months leading up to the election), he’s a provocative truth-telling genius.

But I sat in total disbelief as Jim Cramer sat there and let himself (his brand) be totally annihilated last Thursday.  How, why would Jim do this?  He’s a media celebrity – they don’t set themselves up for feature length (as comedy sketches go) spectacles of mockery.

The only explanation that I’ve been able to come up with is that this was a PR strategy employed by CNBC to pave a path for restoring their own reputation.  “Encouraging” Jim to go on last week’s media tour and concluding it with the “showdown” on The Daily Show had to be the result of some serious backroom talks.

Which kinda bums me out….wouldn’t Jon have told us if this was how/why Thursday night’s show came to be?

You can see the full unedited 21 minute version of the interview on the Daily Show web site and also read some of the discussion around the event on the Huffington Post.