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How to Start a Startup

stanford 2

Tomorrow will be Day 1 of my first Startup Course at Stanford.   Will I get credit for this? I wish. But I’ll get something better with my free online video course, an education in how the elite startup bootcamp is training their protégés and future investees from the President of Y-Combinator and a conversation with literally thousands of entrepreneurs set on changing the course of their lives and the world.

The course syllabus for CS183B is a veritable who’s who of the Silicon Valley startup world with the first class including Dustin Moskovitz, co-founder of Facebook as a guest lecturer. Perhaps that’s why Sam Altman, the 29 year old Professor elect, chose Facebook Groups as the place to convene conversation around this talk of the town course.

When I joined the Group last night there were over 15,000 members with a comment thread including 300 introductions crossing at least 42 countries (I stopped counting).   And tons more sub-groups were developing as participants voluntarily broke into more geographical groups to figure out gathering points and discussion groups.   There’s even a google spreadsheet listing the (to date) 425 global universities and 100 other group viewing locations for the online course.

Am I really ‘taking’ the course? No. But I am looking for answers to how the “experts” frame questions around challenging systems status quo, how innovative ideas are shaped and how B certification and other social benefit opportunities are addressed.

Regardless of those answers, it’s all pretty exciting and shows even more promise for the future of entrepreneurship. Kudos to Stanford for offering up this unique partnership and especially at a time when the world needs energy and ideas. As Michael Dell said at the final day of the Mashable Social Good Summit in NYC yesterday, “Entrepreneurs are the engines of the economies around the world. We need to create a culture that embraces entrepreneurs.”

p.s. for anyone interested in the pre-reads for tomorrow, they are here: Good and Bad Reasons to Become an Entrepreneur and Advice for Ambitious 19 year olds.