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25 things…an innovation tool

25-thingsHow many articles have you read about “leveraging social media”  yet how much real implementation have you seen?  Researchers, companies pay attention.  Memes provide very specific opportunities to participate in social media phenomena.   And The 25 Random Things about [insert your product or service here] sweeping FaceBook – among others – is a no brainer to both implement and learn from.

People love to talk about themselves.  They also love to talk about the things they love (and hate for that matter).   Using FB or Ning or any other social network to initiate research on your product using this format has tremendous potential because it: 1) requires a long list…this means patterns will emerge; 2) it also means that people will be forced to think beyond the top well-published “issues”, they’ll be forced to think about the emotions and situations which cause them to love or hate – this leads to real usable insightful information;   and 3) besides yet another reason to publish a personal opinion, who doesn’t love participating in the trendiest thing out there?

Now, 25 Random Things about Me…….

innovation gone awry

At first I loved this idea:  a clock-radio that racks up the cash contribution to charity every time you hit the snooze alarm!  How clever I thought.  This takes real innovation in terms of examing our every day behaviors for the purpose of mining it for something good. But then I read, and actually re-read, the copy.  You’re supposed to set it to the charity that you hate so that the double-negative of “wasting” your money while wasting away your productive hours angers you into getting up…..huh?  Why all the negativity?  Is that a way to start the day?  Why not set it to your favorite charity and enjoy the fact that those needed extra minutes of sleep are not only helping your body recover but helping someone else too?