This blog covers the intersection of my personal and professional passions: the power of communication to make the world a better place.

Its a pretty awesome time we’re living in, academically speaking.  Global warming, the financial meltdown and crazy cool technology is morphing life as we know it.   Education, business, healthcare and consumerism are in dire straits.  Its amidst all this that the intersection of the public and private sector are merging to give life to emerging markets and providing an economic lifeline to those left less fortunate by birth.    The concept of socially responsible business is arguably finally hitting the mainstream media discussions as something more then a past time of wealthy philanthropists.

This blog will highlight the efforts of individuals and organizations around the world who are innovating global issues of social responsibility.  People and companies who believe that there is a better way and are making it happen.   Call them pioneers.  Call them visionaries.  They tirelessly see that we need to create new paradigms for empowering communities and sustaining economies.  Some are small efforts.  Many are now big efforts.  The key is that they all STARTED something along the way.  And they all bucked traditional thinking in hopes of creating a “better way”.  Not all will succeed but failure isn’t shameful.  It demonstrates bravery.  And bravery often accompanies eventual success, if for no other reason than brave people are often determined people.  They will rise again.

This is the stuff that keeps me inspired and awake at night.  I obsess about the big picture when really it just starts with lots of smaller ideas – sparked by the learnings and experiences of people who believe change is necessary.

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