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brands as salesmen

The reason I’m even in this business is to use all the fascinating principals of sociology, psychology, political science and economic market influences to help people figure out how to get what they need.  In the evil world of marketing, that seems equivalent to greed on behalf of the corporate behemoths.  Do you really need a new pair of jeans? (well, I do but that’s besides the point)  What I have long believed in however, is that these same corporate behemoths – also considered powerhouse brands – could use their trusted relationships with their customers to hold sway and influence by creating a broader awareness for the world around them.   Due to both the fortunate (lotsa revenue) and unfortunate outcomes (the many global crisis including loss of lotsa revenue) created by the 90’s and millenium boom, a few individuals and brands have  emerged to start leading this charge.  This blog will highlight their game changing efforts and their role as salesmen for the benefits of a better world.

peerless innovation

October 24, 2008

In the context of a world largely screaming for regulation, we once again see a visionary business man at work. The Washington Post reported that Bill G distributed 104 grants of $100,000 each through the Gates Foundation to grants that may prove productive partially because they don’t incorporate the traditional peer review requirements that seem a necessary, but stifling requirement of medical research.    While I am all for accountability and a dose of fact-checking, innovation happens when you break the mold, push the boundaries and dare to think out loud (over the protests of your peers).      And while we’re at it…..there’s wild speculation about his new company bgC3.  Is it a business venture?  Is it a philanthropic venture?  Call me crazy but given his background….would it be that outlandish to think its a think tank for philanthropic business ventures?